Every Office Needs A Hero

Have you ever panicked after cementing a crown and realized that the cement was stuck between the contact making it impossible to floss? Then you spent the next 15 to 20 minutes trying to get the contact opened getting you behind in your schedule?  With the Contact Hero clearing the contact is simple and quick. Just position the Contact Hero between the contacts and have the patient bite down as you gently rock the handle up and down. In seconds the contact is floss-able again saving you 15 minutes of stress.

Contact Hero is a simple yet effective device (designed by an actively practicing dentist) to easily open blocked or tight contacts, a frequently occurring problems. Resolves blocked or tight contacts, removes excess cement from crown, and opens naturally hard to flow contacts. Long handle process access to all areas.


– Effectively Separates Teeth
– Simpley and Easy to Use
– Unique Product That Resolves Common Problem

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