Contact Hero Sterilization Procedure

Acceptable Sterilization MethodsContactHero-Single

These sterilization parameters are only valid with sterilization equipment that is properly maintained and calibrated.

Step 1: Ultrasonic

Decontaminate tool using an ultrasonic cleaner. Activate the unit for

the time recommended by the manufacturer (usually 6 minutes).

After the cleaning cycle is complete, rinse with water and blot dry.

Step 2: Steam autoclave

Temperature and time combinations recommended for wrapped Contact Hero:

121°C . . . . . . . .20 minutes

132°C . . . . . . . . .8 minutes

Remove from autoclave and allow to dry completely prior to reuse

Contact Hero are autoclavable and multi-usable, however, they are not permanent tools. The manufacturer recommendation is to use each strip 1-10 times for maximum efficiency.

(steam heat only, not dry heat).

For cold/chemical sterilization

The product manufacturer’s directions will be strictly followed for instrument pre-soaking treatment, solution preparation, solution exposure procedures, safety precautions (e.g., room temperature, area ventilation), and post sterilization processes. Sterilization exposure times and solutions expiration date/times must be followed according to product instructions.

All Contact Hero’s should be sterilized prior to the first use and again between each reuse.

The Contact Hero will save you 15 minutes of stress and a lip laceration.